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Webinar – ISIS Financial Flows

Tom Keatinge from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Whitehall, London analyses ISIS Financial Flows and considers the dangers to the global financial services industry of facilitating terror.

Guest Presenter

Tom Keatinge

Tom Keatinge is a Director at the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute in Whitehall, London

In February 2014 Tom Keatinge left a twenty-year banking career at J.P. Morgan, where he was a managing director in the Financial Institutions Group and head of European public sector client coverage. In 2011-12 he took a sabbatical from J.P. Morgan to study for a Master's in Intelligence and International Security at King’s College London, where he wrote his dissertation on the operation and effectiveness of the global counter-terror finance regime.

Tom now focuses his research on the field of ‘Finance & Security’ considering a number of themes including: the use of financial warfare to disrupt terrorist/insurgent groups; the use of FININT as a security tool; enhancing security via public/private partnerships; the impact of CTF regimes on financial access; the use and effectiveness of financial sanctions; corruption and international security; and the growing focus on illicit wildlife trade/security.

Recent research topics include the business of al-Shabaab, how finance shapes the Syrian conflict, The application of sanctions in the Russia/Ukraine case, the use of FININT in tracking foreign fighters, and the impact of counter-terror finance on NGOs and remittance companies.

Tom Keatinge has contributed to a variety of publications and media outlets, including the BBC World Service and BBC TV, LBC Radio, SiriusXM Radio, Foreign Affairs, The Huffington Post, and Perspectives on Terrorism, as well as events hosted by ICCT – The Hague, the OSCE, and Brookings.

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