Special Reports
By Robert Mazur Testimony in the ongoing New York federal trial of “El Chapo” Guzman offered a repeat of facts heard in hundreds of similar trials since the prosecution of Al Capone. Despite that blaring reminder, governments, including the one now prosecuting El Chapo, appear to turn a deaf ear to… Read More
A tale of drug money laundering spanning from the crowded streets of Casablanca to the pristine shores of Lac Leman, Geneva, has finally come to its conclusion in the courts in Paris – and an epilogue yet to play out in French prison. The story begins almost a decade earlier… Read More
In Nigeria, ranked 136th out of 176 countries on Transparency International's most recent Corruption Perception Index, petty corruption is a feature of everyday life. But in 2015, charismatic former general Muhammadu Buhari won the Presidency on an anti-corruption ticket. Read More
Five months on from this unprecedented move, has it achieved any of its corruption-reducing goals? Or were these little more than cover stories for a political objective? Alem Ao explores. Read More
Campaigners have frequently branded the UK a world money-laundering hotspot, citing the 'terrifying' scale of money laundering through the City of London. Is this fair? What is the UK doing to remedy the problem? Richard Nicholl investigates. Read More
Policymakers have given themselves the year to legislate around the legal complexities that have plagued both the marijuana industry and law enforcement in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska and DC. With a change in law at Federal level still looking unlikely, they have some serious difficulties to resolve when it comes to those $7 billion of cannabis cash. Read More
From 2000 to 2005 the Philippines was ‘blacklisted’ as a ‘non-cooperative’ country and subjected to significant sanctions by the Financial Action Task Force for its failure to tackle endemic problems with transparency and traceability in its financial system. Read More
The Republic of Kazakhstan, the last Soviet Republic to become independent, is the most developed economy in Central Asia. Read More
In an exclusive report for KYC360, investigative journalist Lucy Wark reflects on Mauritius' progress in establishing itself as a legitimate financial centre and considers the challenges it faces going forwards. Read More
KYC360 investigative reporter Clementine Wallop examines the unusual case of Zapata vs HSBC Holdings PLC. Families of several US citizens killed by Mexican drug cartels are suing HSBC under the Anti-Terrorism Act, which creates civil liability for supporters of terrorism, for the bank's role in laundering billions of dollars of drug money. Read More