Episode 18: Chinali Patel and Brian Gonzales

AML Talk Show host Stephen Platt with guest speakers Chinali Patel and Brian Gonzales.

AML Talk Show Hosted by Stephen Platt

In this series of podcasts, our hosts Martin Woods and Stephen Platt will interview key figures in the world of financial crime prevention and examine successes and failures in the global fight against money laundering and related crimes including drug trafficking, bribery and corruption, sanctions evasion, human trafficking and tax evasion.


Stephen Platt:

Good morning and welcome to this KYC360 Anti Money Laundering Talk Show with me Stephen Platt. Today I'm super excited to be discussing the illegal wildlife trade. This may surprise you as it did surprise me. But according to the UNODC analysis, the international wildlife trade is worth somewhere in the region of between $17 and $23 billion dollars a year, which makes it the fourth largest crime on a global scale. The Financial Action Task Force and United for Wildlife Foundation have highlighted the conversion of the international wildlife trade with narcotics, human trafficking, the arms trade, counter proliferation, and financial threat.

Therefore, it's very, very important to look at the international wildlife trade as a poly threat. It's also interestingly perceived by many organized crime syndicates around the world as a low risk crime model, which is very profitable. To discuss this really, really important issue, I'm delighted to be joined by two expert guests Chinali Patel, and Brian Gonzales, who both joined me from Asia. ....

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