Episode 10: Graham Wilson

AML Talk Show host Martin Woods with guest speaker Graham Wilson, a former police detective and telecoms risk officer, discussing communication data, mobile phones, data management and privacy in the context of UK statutes.

AML Talk Show Hosted by Stephen Platt

In this series of podcasts, our hosts Martin Woods and Stephen Platt will interview key figures in the world of financial crime prevention and examine successes and failures in the global fight against money laundering and related crimes including drug trafficking, bribery and corruption, sanctions evasion, human trafficking and tax evasion.


Well, good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It's early February 2020, and I have the great pleasure of being with Graham Wilson, who's a former police detective in London, and a former senior risk officer with a major telecoms company in the UK.

The objective of today's interview is to talk mobile telephones, and what sits beneath the surface of an iPhone. Apple has recently said there's more privacy on our phones than there is in our house. I happen to agree with that. So, we'll look at that, we're going to look at a little bit of due diligence...

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