Money laundering: Barclays trains staff to detect human trafficking
09 Jan 2019

Workers at some local Barclays Bank branches have been trained to detect the signs of human trafficking, the proceeds of which are commonly laundered through bank accounts.

The training was part of an awareness raising initiative with anti-trafficking charity Stop the Traffik, which saw staff at Barclays branches in and around Croydon taught on how to identify customers who may be subject to modern slavery.

Some of the tell-tale signs include questions such as: ‘Is the person in possession of their legal documents?’, ‘Are they bonded by debt or is money deducted from their salary?’ and ‘Is the person lacking in self esteem or do they seem anxious with an expression of fear?’

Paul Horlick, Director, Financial Intelligence Unit, Financial Crime at Barclays, said: “In Britain today, there remains a big problem with human trafficking and modern slavery, with cases across the country, from villages to cities. This is an important issue for us, because we know that those who are forcing people into modern slavery use bank accounts to launder the proceeds of crime or facilitate it.

“Barclays have staff that see and speak to customers every day so we are working with STOP THE TRAFFIK and other partners to help these staff, and the public, recognise the signs and report their suspicions.”

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