UK: Ex-Premier League footballer accused of money laundering
11 Jan 2019

Former footballer Sam Sodje has reportedly been accused of laundering thousands of pounds after he helped fraudsters move their cash through his bank account.

As part of the scheme, the fraudsters sent emails to firms in Columbia, India and Italy, purporting to be their supplier. Funds were then paid into Sodje’s brother’s account.

Sodje’s account was allegedly used for the onward transfer of the cash, the BBC reported. He is accused of laundering over £30,000.

Ex-Reading footballer Sodje, who has also played for Leeds United, has reportedly denied the allegations.

Prosecutor Julian Christopher QC, quoted in the BBC said: “The prosecution allegation against Sam Sodje is that he was involved, not in the trickery in the beginning itself, but in the onward transfer of the proceeds of the fraud through his own bank account, then out again as cash or bank transfers.

“So, when the money reached its ultimate destination, wherever that may be, minus a fee it would be laundered free of the link to any frauds by which it was obtained.”

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