Russian oligarch with UK property empire escapes sanctions despite links to Belarus dictator
28 Jun 2021

A Russian oligarch with extensive business interests in London has escaped sanctions in the UK despite his close and “long-time” friendship with Alexander Lukashenko.

Mikhail Gutseriev’s relationship with the Belarusian dictator is so close that Mr Lukashenko offered to rename a town after him, according to a European Union sanctions document released last week.

Critics of the Belarusian regime said it was “incredible” that the British Government had declined to place Mr Gutseriev on their sanctions list – and demanded to know why.

Last week, the UK issued an updated list of sanctions against individuals and companies linked to Mr Lukashenko but omitted Mr Gutseriev’s name. On the same day, the EU added 78 individuals and seven entities, among them Mr Gutseriev, to its updated sanctions list.

In its citation, the EU said: “Mikhail Gutseriev is a prominent Russian businessman, with business interests in Belarus in the sectors of energy, potash, hospitality and others. He is a long-time friend of Alexander Lukashenko and thanks to this association has accumulated significant wealth and influence among the political elite in Belarus.”

By Robert Mendick, The Telegraph, 27 June 2021

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