Online fraud: where are the police when the cyber-scammers strike?
02 Aug 2021

Andrew Ripper, a 53-year-old City analyst from Hertfordshire, lost £9,000 when a scammer hacked the email of a builder he was using. Jim Hunt, 50, from Newbury, Berkshire, lost hundreds when someone made transactions on his credit card. Reda Awad, 66, a surgeon from Hertfordshire, had £1,000 stolen by a crook pretending to be from BT. Peter Henderson, 63, from Harrow, northwest London, lost £2,900 after falling for a parcel delivery scam.

If you think bank fraud only happens to the vulnerable and the foolish, you are wrong — and it just makes you more likely to be the next victim.

By James Coney, The Sunday Times, 1 August 2021

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