Mexico’s Cruz Azul president accused of money laundering, links to organized crime
31 Jul 2020

An arrest warrant has been issued by Mexico’s attorney general’s office for Cruz Azul president Guillermo Alvarez over possible involvement in financial fraud and organized crime, according to documents obtained by ESPN.

The arrest warrant was granted on Wednesday, with Alvarez accused of carrying out and orchestrating “operations with illicit resources.”

Alvarez is set to be presented in front of a judge at the Altiplano maximum security prison in Estado de Mexico, although at the time of publishing there are no reports that the 74-year-old has been taken to the jail.

Alvarez, who is also the general director of the Cruz Azul cement corporation that runs the club, had his bank accounts frozen by the Mexican government’s financial fraud department (UIF) in May pending an investigation.

Four others associated with the company — Victor Garces, Miguel Eduardo Borrell, Mario Sanchez Alvarez and Martin Junquera — were also named in the arrest warrant.

The Mexican government was investigating bank transfers of close to $50 million USD to accounts in the United States and Spain; the purchase of 11 properties in the U.S.; the relationship with a player agent and the existence of two people named “Guillermo Alvarez” in the record, among other issues, reported ESPN’s Omar Flores and Leon Lecanda, who obtained access to the 81-page document relating to the investigation, back in May.

Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla stated in June that the allegations didn’t relate directly to the club and that Alvarez was still in charge and involved in decision-making at league level.

League regulations do state that the executive committee of the Mexican federation (FMF) could disaffiliate the club from Liga MX if club owners or directors are guilty of crimes, but it is based on the discretion of the committee and is reported to be unlikely.

By Tom Marshall, ESPN, 30 July 2020

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