Hacktivists target Cayman National Bank in Isle of Man
19 Nov 2019

Cayman National Bank has announced that its subsidiaries in the Isle of Man were hacked by a well known hacking group on Sunday. Although the bank has not named that group, it appears from European media that it was Phineas Fisher, an infamous, anti-capitalist vigilante hacker group that targets banks and other major corporations to expose and leak what they see as public interest data.

The group released a new manifesto on Friday offering a bug bounty, urging the hacking community to target institutions and leak relevant data to the public in exchange for a reward.

Cayman National said the data theft occurred at Cayman National Bank and Cayman National Trust on the Isle of Man, but neither the bank in Cayman nor related companies based here were impacted. The bank explained in a release that the group’s servers are separate.

“The operations in the Cayman Islands do not share common systems, databases, client information, or email platforms with those in Isle of Man,” Cayman National stated, saying it was “confident that the hack is contained within the Isle of Man operations only, and does not affect CNB or any other business in the Cayman Islands”.

The bank is now working with relevant regulators and law enforcement around the world, as Cayman National was not the only bank targetted by the hackers this weekend.

Read more at Cayman News Service

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