Boris Johnson’s brother loses £14m down a Mongolian mine linked to fraud, money laundering
07 Sep 2021

The pleasures and potential pitfalls of being related to Britain’s prime minister quickly become clear when Maximilian Johnson begins to speak of the predicament he is facing in, of all places, a Mongolian goldmine near the Gobi desert.

Boris Johnson’s younger half-brother is battling to save a multimillion-pound investment gone badly wrong in a landlocked Asian country that for all its remoteness has emerged as a candidate for UK trade deals in the post-Brexit age of Global Britain. But how can he ask for the British government’s help without potentially embarrassing his relative?

“I’m not asking for any favours,” Max Johnson, 36, insisted last week. He faces a “significant” personal loss amid allegations that fraud, embezzlement and money-laundering may have put paid to about £14 million of foreign investment in the Zasag Chandmani gold, copper and iron ore mines. Johnson added: “I note my own relationships and I would never want to invoke those.”

By Tony Allen-Mills and Gabriel Pogrund, The Times, 5 September 2021

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