Australia seizes properties from Chinese national with Beijing’s help
10 Jun 2019

The Australian government has confiscated three properties from a Chinese national after a joint money-laundering investigation with China, police said on Saturday.

The Melbourne real estate was owned by a 32-year-old Chinese national who had been using an assumed name and had relocated to the Caribbean, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said in a statement on their website.

A two-bedroom apartment, a five-bedroom house and a property that used to house a supermarket were collectively valued at A$4.2 million ($2.94 million) and will be sold.

The proceeds will be used for law enforcement initiatives, the AFP said.

China’s main policing agency, the Ministry of Public Security, asked for Australia’s help in 2016 to identify two Chinese nationals whom Beijing said defrauded money from investors.

Police say the pair laundered the money by setting up shell companies to buy Australian real estate, jewelry and vehicles.

The assets were frozen in November, and the Supreme Court of Victoria ordered the forfeiture of the three properties on Friday.

By Alison Bevege, Reuters, 8 June 2019

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Photo: Alex Proimos [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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