Algerian army chief says big corruption cases to be revealed
30 Apr 2019

Algeria’s army chief of staff said on Tuesday several big corruption cases would come to light in a crackdown on systemic graft, private channel Ennahar TV reported.

A number of figures from the ruling elite including the finance minister, ex-prime minister and several oligarchs have come under investigation over corruption since mass protests forced President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to resign on April 2.

Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaed Salah, the army chief of staff, gave no names or details on Tuesday but vowed to help the judiciary handle corruption cases freely.

“The judiciary has been freed from all pressures,” he said in a speech at a military base in the eastern city of Constantine. “The country will be cleansed of corruption and corrupt people.”

Salah spoke hours after former prime minister Ahmed Ouyahia, who was sacked as part of a cabinet reshuffle two days before Bouteflika resigned, appeared in court as part of a corruption investigation.

By Lamine Chikhi and Hamid Ould Ahmed, Reuters, 30 April 2019

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Photo: وهراني [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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