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Scotland can pursue a money-laundering investigation into Trump’s golf courses: judge

Scotland could pursue a so-called McMafia investigation into former President Donald Trump’s Scottish golf courses after a judge heard that there were “real and substantial concerns” about the Trump Organization and its finances. Opposition lawmakers in the Scottish Parliament and campaigners have been pushing since January for an… Read More

Lawyers are trying to convince a judge to allow the Scottish government to investigate the Trump Organization under a ‘McMafia’ order

As prosecutors in Manhattan continue their investigation into the Trump Organization’s finances, attorneys in Scotland are citing its progress to advocate for opening a parallel investigation into how the former US president’s company financed golf courses in the country. At a virtual court hearing in Scotland Thursday,… Read More

Court told over ‘real and substantial concerns’ about finances of Trump Organisation

There remain “real and substantial concerns” about the financial arrangements of the Trump Organisation, a court has heard. Kay Springham QC said there would be substantial prejudice to the public interest if the Court of Session refused a petition for judicial review, which is seeking to overturn the Scottish Government’s… Read More
15th July 2021
Nicola Sturgeon “misled” the Scottish Parliament when she said her Government couldn’t launch a money laundering probe against Donald Trump, a court has heard. The Court of Session heard how the SNP administration was asked last year to investigate how the Trump Organisation managed to pay for golf course developments… Read More
30th June 2021
Drugs kingpins have struck a deal to flood Scotland with cocaine supplied by a cartel in Ecuador, it’s claimed. Hoods are said to be receiving huge hauls from South America before recruiting peddlers here to punt them on our streets. The plot comes amid disruption to the supply chain triggered… Read More
2nd June 2021
Hundreds of tiny companies based in Scotland and with directors in the Philippines have been reported to police over concerns about an alleged multimillion pound tax fraud scheme. New research estimates that about 600 “mini-umbrella” companies have been set up to take advantage of the employment allowance, which was designed… Read More
25th May 2021
The Scottish government is facing a new legal challenge over its February rejection of a motion to investigate former U.S. President Donald Trump’s all-cash purchases of two golf courses, reviving an effort to force Trump to disclose how he financed the deals. Avaaz, a global human rights group, filed a… Read More
16th April 2021
An accountant who committed “industrial scale dishonesty” to fund a lavish lifestyle has been jailed. Steven Day, 51, of Perthshire, Scotland, plundered £1.4m from firms and defrauded the NHS. The court heard he targeted a female friend in a £4,500 romance fraud and lied about his mother dying and having… Read More
5th April 2021
An alleged six-figure “black hole” in the SNP’s finances has triggered a police investigation, it emerged last night. Police Scotland said a fraud inquiry was under way after the party was accused of dipping into a £600,000 war chest to fund a second independence campaign. The force said an allegation… Read More
29th March 2021
The World Bank has blacklisted an anonymously owned Scottish shell company after exposing “fraudulent practices” in an emergency medical aid programme. In the latest blow to British corporate governance, the lender has banned Edinburgh-registered NovoLine Resources LP from bidding in its procurement processes for three and a half years. The… Read More
18th March 2021
Wood Group is aiming to settle long-running investigations into bribery allegations by paying about $197 million. The engineering company confirmed yesterday that it will pay almost $9 million to Scotland’s Civil Recovery Unit. That is in relation to conduct in a joint venture in Kazakhstan between 2008 and 2010 which… Read More
3rd February 2021
A smuggler has been jailed after attempting to fly almost £900,000 of dirty money out of Scotland. Lukas Pokorny was stopped by UK Border Force officers at Glasgow Airport after trying to check in three large suitcases for an apparent two-week trip to Dubai. When asked what was in the… Read More
26th January 2021
His mother was Scottish and Donald Trump has even said he “would love to return to Scotland.” But the Scots are not so enthusiastic with some suspecting he has used their country as a money laundering haven. A leading QC will argue on Monday (25 January) that Scotland’s government could… Read More