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Jersey trust papers raise more questions for Maxwell brothers

Kevin Maxwell, once Britain’s biggest bankrupt, has faced the threat of a second bankruptcy several times but avoided it, sometimes with last-minute agreements with creditors. Newly discovered documents, seen by The Times, shed light on Kevin Maxwell and his brother Ian’s opaque finances and raise questions about the nature of… Read More

A year after exile, legal woes haunt Spain’s ex-king

A year after Spain’s former King Juan Carlos went into self-imposed exile in the face of mounting questions over his finances, he remains under a cloud of suspicion that complicates his return home. He announced on August 3, 2020 he was moving abroad to prevent his personal affairs from undermining… Read More

Jersey jeweller jailed for more than seven years for money laundering

A Jersey jeweller has been jailed for seven and a half years for money laundering for a drug gang. Darius James Andrew Pearce, aged 49, used his business to receive cash, to buy gold which was then used to fund the importation of drugs. He had been found guilty on… Read More
31st May 2021
Economists, legal practitioners as well as other professionals and civil society organisations have expressed concerns over the poor management of returned looted funds, especially the money stolen by former Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha. Disturbed by increasing wave of corruption across the country, despite the much-talked about anti-corruption campaign… Read More
24th May 2021
By Daniel Balint-Kurti and Will Jordan, OCCRP, 22 May 2021 OCCRP – The Iraq war was good to American oil baron Todd Kozel. As the country was in the midst of a full-blown insurgency in 2007, his London-listed firm Gulf Keystone signed an agreement with the government… Read More
20th April 2021
The risk of Jersey’s finance industry and non-profit organisations (NPOs) being used to fund terrorism has been classed as medium to low. It is the conclusion of a risk assessment report produced in response to requirements by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which sets the international standards on financial… Read More
5th March 2021
By Will Fitzgibbon, ICIJ, 4 March 2021 ICIJ — A court in the Channel Islands has fined a team of accountants and economists who for years ignored “obvious” risks of possible corruption and embezzlement when providing services to an investment management company working with the government… Read More
25th February 2021
The premises of a Central Market trader, who was convicted of laundering money from a drugs gang, has been shut down and its contents seized by the Viscount. Darius Pearce, owner of Darius Pearce Jewellers, was found guilty of three counts of becoming concerned in the acquisition, use, possession or… Read More
17th February 2021
A fine of more than £700,000 has been imposed on three Jersey-based firms owned by a multi-national bank for breaching rules designed to prevent money laundering and financial crime. The actions of a trio of S G Kleinwort Hambros companies, which were found to have made a series of compliance breaches… Read More
25th January 2021
The European parliament is pushing for UK overseas territories including the British Virgin Islands, Guernsey and Jersey to be added to an EU tax havens blacklist after the conclusion of the Brexit deal. Sending a signal that tougher action on tax avoidance was required in response… Read More
4th January 2021
The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has begun investigating incumbent National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) President, Arif Usmani, for his alleged offshore assets worth billions of rupees. Sources privy to the information told Profit that the incumbent NBP president has stashed assets worth $11,481,440, equivalent to Rs1.8 billion, in Citi… Read More
24th December 2020
Transparency International has urged the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to review the Government of Ghana’s application to list Agyapa Royalties Limited on the London Stock Exchange and reject the listing if corruption concerns are not satisfactorily addressed. According to a message cited by GhanaWeb on Transparency International’s website dated… Read More
18th December 2020
A man accused of laundering a crime gang’s money through his Central Market jewellery business has been found guilty of all charges. Darius Pearce faced three counts of becoming concerned in the acquisition, use, possession or control of criminal property. The charges stemmed from a foiled plot to smuggle almost… Read More