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How a convicted criminal can buy a famous English football club

By David Harrison and Al Jazeera Investigative Unit, Al Jazeera, 10 August 2021 Al Jazeera – In a plush suite at a boutique hotel in London, a man known as The Magician is lounging on a sofa, his right arm snaking out across the top. “The usual rubbish, I’m used to it,”… Read More

Canada: Wealthy KPMG clients continued to dodge taxes for years after CRA detected offshore ‘sham’

After amassing a fortune selling scrap metal in South Africa, Peter Cooper immigrated to Canada in the mid-1990s with his sons Marshall and Richard and their families. They settled in Victoria, purchased luxurious homes and became permanent residents — qualifying for Canadian health care and other social services. But that… Read More

MPs braced for battle with KPMG over naming wealthy Canadians behind offshore tax shelters

For years, ultra-wealthy Canadians — aided by high-priced accounting and tax law firms — have been setting up offshore shell companies in the Isle of Man so they can dodge taxes back home, avoid paying future creditors (such as ex-spouses) and hide their identities. Now, MPs on the House of Commons finance committee appear… Read More
14th May 2021
By Sadie Brown, OCCRP, 13 May 2021 OCCRP — Politically influential people made up a significant portion of the clients at an offshore bank in the Isle of Man, according to a Brookings Institute researcher who analyzed data from a breach published by Distributed Denial of… Read More
7th May 2021
Five years ago, tax law expert André Lareau was blocked from giving testimony before the House of Commons finance committee by a last-minute gag order preventing witnesses from talking about a prominent accounting firm’s tax avoidance scheme. Now, he has a message for the members of Parliament who are today rebooting their probe into offshore companies registered in the Isle of… Read More
29th April 2021
Victims of a massive investment fraud that operated for years out of Montreal and siphoned more than $500 million offshore are calling on federal politicians to resume an inquiry into Canadian shell companies set up in the Isle of Man, a popular tax haven used by global accounting firms. “On… Read More
7th January 2021
In the early 1500s a young Henry VIII visited Lullingstone Castle to take part in jousts and hunts in its extensive grounds. Hundreds of years later, the Kent estate was where Simon Giles, 41, chose to buy a home. It is said that when he was learning to fly he… Read More
Stephen Platt, Chairman of KYC Technologies, offers an optimistic perspective on the impact of technology on AML compliance. Read More