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U.S. allows personal remittances to flow to Afghanistan

The United States has told financial institutions that they may process personal remittances here to Afghanistan, a Treasury Department spokesperson said on Thursday, a move taken in tandem with steps to ensure the continued flow of humanitarian aid. The decision to allow money transfers could provide some relief for… Read More

Saudi Arabia Arrests Over 200 in Latest Corruption Crackdown

By Lara Dihmis, OCCRP, 11 August 2021 OCCRP — Saudi Arabia’s Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) on Monday announced that 207 individuals, including government employees, have been arrested for their involvement in bribery, abuse of office and power, and forgery. Among those detained are employees of a… Read More

The Golden Friends and Neighbors of Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades

OCCRP – Cyprus’s “golden passport” program is considered a corrupt free-for-all that gave kleptocrats, oligarchs, and criminals access to European citizenship. From Putin crony Oleg Deripaska to fugitive Malaysian fraudster Jho Low of the infamous 1MDB scandal, Cyprus’s willingness to sell citizenship to unsavory people has been a… Read More
4th August 2021
A year after Spain’s former King Juan Carlos went into self-imposed exile in the face of mounting questions over his finances, he remains under a cloud of suspicion that complicates his return home. He announced on August 3, 2020 he was moving abroad to prevent his personal affairs from undermining… Read More
16th July 2021
The key whistleblower in a case that resulted in a former Airbus subsidiary being fined £28.1 million for corruption was “hung out to dry” by the Serious Fraud Office, it has been claimed. Ian Foxley’s evidence led to a guilty plea this year from GPT Special Project Management over bribes… Read More
17th June 2021
By Ahmed Eid Ashour, Sameh Ellaboudy, Maher Shaeri and Cecilia Anesi, OCCRP, 16 June 2021 OCCRP — On the evening of December 2, 2018, the cargo ship Noka set sail from the Syrian port of Latakia, bound for eastern Libya. The vessel was packed with goods sent… Read More
1st June 2021
By Nina dos Santos, CNN, 30 May 2021 CNN — It is the biggest legal fight the art world has ever witnessed: a Russian oligarch, who claims he was ripped off buying multi-million-dollar masterpieces, versus a Swiss art dealer who says it was just business. Now, after six… Read More
5th May 2021
Authorities in Saudi Arabia last week approved a new law designed to combat financial fraud and breach of trust. The new legislation defines all aspects of financial crimes in detail and sets out the maximum penalties, while attempting to take into account the rapid pace of technological advances around the… Read More
29th April 2021
A unit of Airbus SE was fined a total 28.1 million pounds ($39 million) after pleading guilty to one count of corruption as part of the U.K. prosecutor’s probe into work it carried out for the Saudi Arabian National Guard. The Serious Fraud Office charged GPT Special Project… Read More
28th April 2021
A row has broken out between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia over a haul of millions of amphetamine pills smuggled in a shipment of pomegranates. Lebanon appealed to Saudi Arabia this week to lift a ban on imports of fruit and vegetables, which have become an important source of hard currency… Read More
27th April 2021
The UK has announced new beefed-up sanctioning powers against corruption as Dominic Raab warned the country has become a “honey pot” for foreign actors seeking to launder their “dirty money”. The Foreign Secretary said the new sanctions would stop those involved in serious corruption from entering and channelling money through the… Read More
16th April 2021
Denmark’s public prosecutor has charged three members of an Iranian Arab opposition group with financing and supporting terrorist activity in Iran and aiding Saudi intelligence services. “This is a very serious case, where people in Denmark have carried out illegal intelligence activities and financed and promoted terrorism from Denmark in… Read More
30th March 2021
Independent U.N. sanctions monitors have withdrawn accusations against Yemen’s government of money-laundering and corruption that they said “adversely affected” access to food supplies in a country on the brink of famine, a document showed. The experts had said in an annual report to the U.N. Security Council that Yemen’s central… Read More