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Jordan’s Lower House deliberates draft anti-money laundering law

The Lower of House on Monday embarked on deliberations over the draft anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing law, which proposes stricter penalties for such crimes. The draft is part of Jordan’s international commitment to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing and the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction pursuant to the… Read More

Interpol Leads International Crackdown on Human Trafficking, Smuggling

By Julett Pineda Sleinan, OCCRP, 13 April 2021 OCCRP — In a joint operation led by Interpol, police from 24 countries arrested 195 suspects of human trafficking and migrants smuggling and rescued 500 victims, including children, the international police organization said on Friday. Operation Weka… Read More

Jordan Says King’s Sibling Plotted to Destabilize Country

Jordan said it uncovered a plot to destabilize the kingdom that involved King Abdullah II’s half-brother and extended beyond the country’s borders. The sibling, former Crown Prince Hamza Bin Hussein, worked in concert with foreign entities, Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi said on Sunday, in a first official explanation of… Read More
25th September 2020
An unprecedented leak of thousands of files from the U.S. government’s most confidential financial intelligence database has shone a spotlight on the world’s $2 trillion-a-year dirty money habit. In spite of the excellent media coverage, this story goes much deeper than the “bad bankers” narrative being trotted out by many… Read More
23rd September 2020
The European Union imposed sanctions on Monday on a Turkish shipping company accused of breaking a U.N. arms embargo on Libya and whose vessel was involved in a naval incident between NATO members France and Turkey in June. The asset freeze of Avrasya Shipping, which the EU said operates the… Read More
6th August 2020
At first glance, the shipping trailers that arrived at the Italian port of Salerno appeared to contain only paper, rolled up on giant industrial spools as tall as a man. But when an investigator sliced into one of the rolls with an electric saw, he unleashed an avalanche of little… Read More
13th July 2020
Jordan’s Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz promised on Sunday to deepen a crackdown on tax evasion that officials say has deprived the country’s cash-strapped economy of billions of dollars’ revenue in recent years. The government has gone after senior businessmen and former politicians suspected of tax dodging, money laundering and customs… Read More
16th June 2020
Jordan’s government unveiled strengthened legal measures on Sunday to fight corruption and announced an expansion of efforts to collect taxes and prevent evasion. Amendments introduced to the 2020 Integrity and Anti Corruption Commission Law will grant the anti-corruption body greater autonomy and legal backing to investigate a wider scope of… Read More
4th June 2020
In August 2019, a report on the Malta Independent – since then removed from the newspaper’s website – revealed reports in the Arab press of a Malta-registered RHIB (rigid-hull inflatable boat), having been found abandoned by Libyan coast guards. The Manta 2, an MRC-1250 RHIB powered by four engines, had… Read More
24th May 2020
If you have been dreaming of getting away from the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, you can — provided you have some cash in hand. For the starting sum of $150,000, you can buy your citizenship of the pristine Caribbean islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis. With their pure… Read More
20th May 2020
Jordan has come first in a list of countries that appear to have siphoned huge amounts of foreign aid into offshore bank accounts. The resource-poor Middle Eastern country, which is hosting about two million Syrian refugees, received £2.13 billion in foreign aid in 2018-19 including £110 million from Britain,… Read More
2nd January 2020
Over a thousand Israeli victims of Palestinian terror attacks filed a massive NIS 20 billion ($5.8 billion) compensation suit Monday against Arab Bank PLC, claiming it knowingly supported and financed terror groups that carried out attacks that claimed hundreds of lives. It is the first time a compensation lawsuit against… Read More
20th December 2019
U.S. sanctions against Iran have forced Brazilian beef exporters to re-route shipments through nearby countries, adding to costs but largely maintaining trade flows, according to exporters and trade data compiled by two industry groups. Meatpackers now send much of their Iran-bound beef to other ports in the Middle East, where… Read More