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How the ‘War on Terror’ exposed compliance gaps in Swiss companies

Whether it was turning a blind eye or doing business with blacklisted entities, Swiss firms’ due diligence practices were put to the test amid the crackdown on terrorism that followed the September 11 terrorist attacks.  Almost two decades after planes brought down New York’s World Trade Center towers, a… Read More

UK Blacklists Five Individuals Accused of Exacerbating Suffering Through Corruption

The United Kingdom on Thursday imposed asset freezes and travel bans on five individuals accused of enriching themselves from illicit schemes that worsened human suffering in Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Iraq. The sanctions announced by UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab under the nation’s Global Anti-Corruption sanctions regime target Equatorial Guinea’s… Read More

Lithuania to Station Army on Belarus Border for Extra Protection

Lithuania will send the military to reinforce its border with Belarus, which has illegally sent immigrants into the Baltic country in protest at European Union sanctions against it. The move will double the physical presence on the 670-kilometer (416-mile) frontier and assist border guards, Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said Wednesday. Read More
23rd June 2021
By Andrei Ciurcanu and Alessia Cerantola, OCCRP, 22 June 2021 OCCRP — Two smugglers and a China Tobacco executive were speeding through the streets of Naples in a VW Golf when they got a call that broke them into a panic. They were on their way… Read More
24th May 2021
By Daniel Balint-Kurti and Will Jordan, OCCRP, 22 May 2021 OCCRP – The Iraq war was good to American oil baron Todd Kozel. As the country was in the midst of a full-blown insurgency in 2007, his London-listed firm Gulf Keystone signed an agreement with the government… Read More
20th May 2021
In the largest such case in Bahrain’s history, the Gulf state’s public prosecutor on Wednesday announced that the Central Bank of Iran and 12 other Iranian banks, most notably Bank Melli Iran (National Bank of Iran) and Bank Saderat Iran (Export Bank of Iran) will be tried on charges… Read More
10th March 2021
Foreign crime gangs have switched to smuggling people across the Channel because it is so profitable, a National Crime Agency (NCA) chief has warned. Miles Bonfield, head of organised immigration crime operations, said Kurdish and west Balkans gangs had moved into trafficking migrants in small boats in the past year… Read More
12th January 2021
Former Leighton Holdings executive David Savage has been charged over his alleged role in the international Unaoil scandal, which involved bribery of senior officials in oil-producing nations to secure lucrative contracts. Mr Savage, the former chief operating officer of the prominent Australian infrastructure firm, was arrested by Australian Federal Police… Read More
23rd November 2020
The Trump administration intensified pressure Friday on Iraq and Iran by reducing the length of a sanctions waiver that allows Iraq to power its already overstretched energy grid. The Trump administration’s maximum-pressure campaign against Iran has left Iraq dependent on the rolling waivers, which exempt it from sanctions when it… Read More
2nd November 2020
As a law professor, I have devoted my professional life to teaching about, advocating for, and advancing justice with regard to war crimes and crimes against humanity. Now, my dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship has made me a special target for the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine the quest for global justice. Read More
7th August 2020
The U.S. designation last week of a new Turkey-based member of the notorious Rawi Network for allegedly facilitating money transfers to the Islamic State (IS) in Syria has raised fresh concerns among observers that jihadists continue to use Turkey to fund their activities in Syria. The Rawi Network, founded by… Read More
27th July 2020
Bribing one politician is bad. Bribing all the politicians is worse. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating a group of companies in Kurdistan, Iraq’s semi-independent northern region, that appears to be doing the latter in order to secure a monopoly on Pentagon fuel contracts worth hundreds of… Read More
9th July 2020
Last week Italian law enforcement agents carried out what they said was the world’s largest ever drugs bust of amphetamines. A video from the Guardia di Finanza, a financial crime and smuggling investigations unit attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, shows officers using circular saws to cut… Read More