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Petroleum Profits and Expensive Estates: Equatorial Guinea Oil Chief’s Wealth Revealed

By Delfin Mocache Massoko, Stelios Orphanides and Pete Jones, OCCRP, 15 July 2021 OCCRP – A power couple running Equatorial Guinea’s national oil company secretly oversee a global property empire –– which reporters discovered hidden behind a veil of shell companies –– that even their hefty pay packages… Read More

Marijuana slaves in Spain: a year imprisoned in a warehouse

Catalan police have rescued 10 people who had been trafficked by a Chinese mafia and forced to cultivate the drug The footage from Operation Long lasts just three minutes. The worst parts of the video show mattresses pushed against each other on the floor, cooking pots scattered on tables, bottles… Read More

Albanian Crime Story: Hostage to the Cocaine Supply Chain

There are two ways of interpreting the fact that the annual recorded seizures of cocaine in Europe have been hitting all-time highs every year for the last three years. The record-breaking hauls may, on the one hand, be taken as evidence that better surveillance and tighter international co-operation are helping… Read More
30th June 2021
Spanish TV Producer, entrepreneur and businessman José Luis Moreno was arrested today, Tuesday, June 29, during a large police operation in Madrid. He is accused of fraud, embezzlement and money laundering, among other crimes. Moreno, 74, was arrested in the large scale police operation that took place at around 8:30… Read More
29th June 2021
Five people were arrested after a one-tonne shipment of cocaine worth over £80million was intercepted before it could end up on the streets of the UK. The enormous haul of Class A drugs was discovered aboard a yacht as it crossed the Atlantic ocean after leaving… Read More
28th June 2021
A group of Spaniards drove up a private road on the dry plateau west of Madrid. The four entrepreneurs, hungry for cash for their promising startup, were headed to meet a wealthy young Venezuelan, owner of the hilltop castle ahead. The meeting, according to three people familiar with that July… Read More
11th June 2021
By Saskia Wright and Anastasia Austin, InSight Crime, 10 June 2021 InSight Crime — Panama’s northern province of Colón, sitting at the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal, is seeing a staggering increase in drug seizures, raising questions about its role in the Central American cocaine pipeline. Read More
9th June 2021
AP — When the FBI dismantled an encrypted messaging service based in Canada in 2018, agents noticed users moving to other networks. Instead of following their tracks to rivals, investigators decided on a new tactic: creating their own service. ANOM, a secure-messaging service built by the… Read More
4th June 2021
Kyiv’s Pechersky district court has ruled to seize Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Sharij’s real estate and bank accounts. He announced this on Telegram on June 2. According to him, he has not been living in Ukraine for 10 years and allegedly has not been involved in financial… Read More
30th May 2021
The State Department’s internal watchdog is investigating a possible bribery scheme involving a department employee who was allegedly paid by a construction company for inside information that helped it win contracts to build U.S. embassies and consulates. The probe by the State Department’s inspector general was disclosed in a federal… Read More
26th May 2021
Spanish police have arrested a British former Navy sailor on suspicion of running a “highly professional” drugs trafficking operation with links across Europe. Robert Mark Benson, 64, is alleged to have used his “extensive nautical knowledge” to mount an operation deploying boats tosmuggle drugs across the Strait of Gibraltar. Police… Read More
21st May 2021
One morning last autumn, a dozen or so locals were eating breakfast at a cafe under a clear Marbella sky, in front of the offices of the Special Organised Crime Response Unit (Greco), on the Costa del Sol. The property is nondescript – an unobtrusive building in a working-class… Read More
10th May 2021
Police and customs officers in Spain have arrested 17 people and seized half a tonne of saffron after breaking up a gang that allegedly imported the spice from Iran, bulked it out and sold it as a much-prized Spanish variety. The arrests came at the end… Read More