2nd May 2021
The European Union should follow Britain’s example and impose new anti-corruption sanctions on Russians suspected of fraud and graft, the European Parliament said on Thursday in a resolution that reflected hardening attitudes to Moscow. Non-EU member Britain imposed sanctions on Monday on 14 Russians under a new law giving the… Read More
29th April 2021
Government and industry officials confronting an epidemic of ransomware, where hackers freeze the computers of a target and demand a payoff, are zeroing in on cryptocurrency regulation as the key to combating the scourge, sources familiar with the work of a public-private task force said. In a report on Thursday,… Read More
28th April 2021
For a decade, Bitcoin Fog has offered to obscure the source and destination of its customers’ cryptocurrency, making it one of the most venerable institutions in the dark web economy. Now the IRS says it has finally identified the Russian-Swedish administrator behind that long-running anonymizing system and charged him with… Read More
28th April 2021
More than half the people granted EU citizenship under Cyprus’s “golden passport” scheme should not have qualified, an inquiry has found. The 6,779 people, most of them Russian, obtained citizenship between 2007 and 2020 by buying property on the island worth at least €2 million, entitling them to receive a… Read More
27th April 2021
The UK has announced new beefed-up sanctioning powers against corruption as Dominic Raab warned the country has become a “honey pot” for foreign actors seeking to launder their “dirty money”. The Foreign Secretary said the new sanctions would stop those involved in serious corruption from entering and channelling money through the… Read More
26th April 2021
In 2014, the firm Henley & Partners prepared to welcome an important person to Malta. The client would arrive by private jet, sweep through the airport’s ministerial lounge and be taken in a S-class Mercedes to Le Méridien St Julien’s, a luxury seafront hotel with a Mediterranean view. Nothing… Read More
22nd April 2021
The number of Russian officials convicted on corruption charges sank to an eight-year low during 2020, data collated by the independent Open Media news site has shown. Some 6,948 convictions were handed out for corruption last year — the lowest level since 2012, the site found. Read More
21st April 2021
European Union foreign ministers have not so far shown appetite for a new round of economic sanctions on Russia, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Tuesday after he called for such steps at a meeting with his EU counterparts on Monday. “Sectoral sanctions are a matter of time and… Read More
19th April 2021
The Biden administration is evaluating the impact of new sanctions on Russia and is prepared to escalate those penalties if the Kremlin fails to rein in hacking attacks and attempts to interfere with the U.S. political process, according to people familiar with the matter. Options available to President Joe Biden… Read More
19th April 2021
AP — A global epidemic of digital extortion known as ransomware is crippling local governments, hospitals, school districts and businesses by scrambling their data files until they pay up. Law enforcement has been largely powerless to stop it. One big reason: Ransomware rackets are dominated by… Read More