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Swiss prosecutors end Magnitsky investigation without bringing charges

Swiss prosecutors have closed a decade-long investigation into the money-laundering scandal exposed by Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, the latest in a string of setbacks in the country’s efforts to tackle financial crime. The decision to end the probe without any charges being brought was a “stain on Switzerland”,… Read More

Gold toilet found in Russian police bribery probe

The Investigative Committee (SK) website has a video showing extravagant interiors in a huge mansion, among many properties raided. Col Alexei Safonov, head of traffic police in the southern Stavropol region, was arrested with six others. Traffic police allegedly took bribes for issuing fake permits to businesses. The permits allegedly… Read More

Russian-linked firms in Lithuania supply Crimean power plants in breach of EU sanctions

A Kaunas-based company has breached EU sanctions and supplied equipment for the construction of power plants in Russian-annexed Crimea, LRT Investigation Team reports. Water filtration systems from Lithuania were used in the construction of thermal power plants in Crimea, data collected by LRT Investigation Team and Scanner project, a Russian… Read More
21st July 2021
The United States and Germany will take action against Russia if it uses the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to harm Ukraine or other Eastern European countries, according to two sources familiar with a bilateral agreement expected on Wednesday. The agreement, hammered out in recent months by senior U.S. and… Read More
20th July 2021
The Biden administration has been debating internally whether and how to impose sanctions on China for its malfeasance in cyberspace, according to people familiar with the matter, as experts question why the White House has not gone further in penalizing China for its alleged hack of Microsoft’s… Read More
13th July 2021
When President Biden signed Executive Order (E.O.) 14024 in April, there were likely more than a few eyebrows raised within the compliance community. For one, the order, which authorized the imposition of sanctions on Russian interests for “specified harmful foreign activities”, marked a departure from the previous administration’s response to the alleged… Read More
12th July 2021
Thousands of “golden visas” given to oligarchs and wealthy foreigners are under review over potential risks to national security. All 6,312 of the Tier 1 investor residencies granted between June 2008 and April 2015 are being checked, amounting to nearly half of those issued. There are suspicions about the calibre… Read More
8th July 2021
Russia is preparing legislation to allow law-enforcement agencies to confiscate illegally obtained cryptocurrencies, Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov said, according to TASS. Speaking at conference in Saint Petersburg, Krasnov said cryptocurrency use by criminals is a serious issue for law enforcement. The country passed its first law regulating the digital assets… Read More
6th July 2021
Belarus’s Supreme Court sentenced the former head of a Kremlin-controlled bank who sought to challenge President Alexander Lukashenko in last year’s elections to 14 years in jail, as the longtime ruler continues a sweeping crackdown on opponents. The court in the capital, Minsk, convicted Viktor Babariko and imposed fines totaling… Read More
6th July 2021
President Joe Biden said “we’re not sure” that Russia is behind a massive ransomware attack on managed-service providers as U.S. intelligence officials conduct an investigation. “I directed the full resources of the government to assist in the response if needed,” Biden told reporters during a trip to Michigan on Saturday. Read More
4th July 2021
Bitcoin continues to ride waves of popular interest and market volatility. But behind the swings is an unwavering reality: The largest species of cryptocurrency doesn’t measure up to its promised benefits as a peer-to-peer network, a uniquely quick and efficient payment system, or a store of value. Bitcoin’s risks, meanwhile,… Read More
28th June 2021
With its high ceilings, white walls and bleached pine furniture it could be one of the many artist’s studios or galleries that dot this corner of central Berlin. A grey curtain with plastic holes, stitched together by Franco-Italian artist Céline Condorelli, snakes between desks to divide the room into public… Read More
28th June 2021
A Russian oligarch with extensive business interests in London has escaped sanctions in the UK despite his close and “long-time” friendship with Alexander Lukashenko. Mikhail Gutseriev’s relationship with the Belarusian dictator is so close that Mr Lukashenko offered to rename a town after him, according to a European Union… Read More