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Afghan Smuggling Network Dismantled in Romania

By Henry Pope, OCCRP, 7 October 2021 OCCRP — Europol announced on Wednesday that, in cooperation with German authorities, Romanian police arrested 21 suspected members of a transnational network that smuggled Afghan migrants to Germany and France. Police made the arrests as they… Read More

Nicolas Sarkozy given jail sentence for illegal campaign financing

The former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been sentenced to a second jail term after being found guilty of illegal campaign financing for the vast, showman-style political rallies of his failed 2012 re-election campaign. The 66-year-old, who remains an influential figure on the French right, received a… Read More

French court sentences Bashar al-Assad’s uncle to 4 years in prison for financial crimes

The Paris appeals court on Thursday backed a guilty verdict against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s uncle for misappropriating public funds in Syria, laundering the spoils and building a vast property portfolio in France with ill-gotten gains. The court confirmed last year’s four-year prison sentence against 84-year-old Rifaat al-Assad, which he… Read More
8th September 2021
There are optimistic suggestions that the hard-won integration of Afghanistan into the global economy will remain despite the ascendancy of the Taliban and the withdrawal of the U.S. A number of commentators have suggested that China — which the Taliban have declared their strongest ally — could… Read More
8th September 2021
The ruling by the Court of Cassation marks a major setback for Lafarge, which is accused of paying nearly 13 million euros ($15.3 million) to jihadist groups including the Islamic State (IS) to keep its cement factory in northern Syria running through the early years of… Read More
7th September 2021
France’s highest court will on Tuesday rule on whether cement giant Lafarge should remain charged with complicity in crimes against humanity over alleged payments made to Islamist militants in Syria at the height of the country’s civil war. The French company is suspected of paying nearly 13 million euros ($15.3… Read More
3rd September 2021
JPMorgan Chase & Co. settled a longstanding French criminal investigation over allegations it helped clients commit tax fraud for 25 million euros ($29.6 million). The case relates to allegations of tax fraud seen to benefit former managers at investment firm Wendel, top financial prosecutor Jean-François Bohnert said at a… Read More
2nd September 2021
OCCRP – With the support of Interpol, French police has this year started cracking down on a Russian-speaking mob, the so-called Vory v Zakone or “Thieves-in-Law,” which often controls groups committing drug trafficking, extortion, contract murder and money laundering. The mob’s members come from countries of the… Read More
17th August 2021
“If we consider the priorities set a year ago . . . reclaiming the streets to prevent this trafficking from undermining our neighbourhoods and villages . . . we have won a battle in this difficult and on-going war,” the interior minister said in an interview published by the right-wing… Read More
9th August 2021
In the finance bill for 2020, the French tax and customs authorities have been allowed, on an experimental basis, to use information from social networks and online sales websites to trigger tax and customs inquiries. The implementing rules have now been published. This article looks at the scope of this… Read More
3rd August 2021
Nearly 15 years after the death of the former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet, victims of his brutal regime are still trying to hold him and his associates accountable. And now the victims appear to be one step closer to justice — even if the courtroom is on the… Read More
2nd August 2021
The EU said in a statement that the framework provided for the possibility of imposing sanctions on those responsible for undermining democracy or the rule of law in Lebanon. “It is … of the utmost importance that the Lebanese leadership put aside their differences… Read More
28th July 2021
France’s top appeals court on Wednesday rules on the conviction handed to the powerful son of the president of Equatorial Guinea for building up luxury assets in the country with illegally obtained funds. If the Court of Cassation throws out the appeal by Teodorin Obiang, who is vice president of… Read More