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Indonesia’s newly minted investigators to go after illegal fishing kingpins

Indonesia is scaling up its fight against fisheries-related crimes, going beyond boat crews to target the ultimate beneficiaries of these illegal practices. The country’s fisheries ministry announced the move in the wake of a Constitutional Court decision in June that allows civil servants to investigate certain criminal… Read More

Feds urge 2nd Circuit to revive ex-Alstom exec’s bribery conviction

A federal appeals panel on Tuesday questioned a prosecutor’s bid to reinstate a former Alstom SA executive’s conviction on foreign bribery charges. Lawrence Hoskins, a UK citizen who had worked for Alstom in Asia, was convicted in 2019 on foreign bribery and money laundering charges for his role in a… Read More

What The Global Standard On Company Ownership Should Look Like: Five Key Fixes

Transparency International — The evidence is clear: anonymous shell companies enable kleptocracy, tax evasion, wildlife crime and arms trafficking. For far too long, the corrupt and criminals have been able to hide behind secretive corporate structures without leaving much trace. What’s more, the globalisation of world trade… Read More
23rd June 2021
By Andrei Ciurcanu and Alessia Cerantola, OCCRP, 22 June 2021 OCCRP — Two smugglers and a China Tobacco executive were speeding through the streets of Naples in a VW Golf when they got a call that broke them into a panic. They were on their way… Read More
7th June 2021
By Isobel Van Hagen, OCCRP, 7 June 2021 OCCRP — A combination of corporate greed and government failures in relation to the expanding palm oil plantations in Western Indonesia harmed surrounding communities and caused mass environmental destruction, a new report by Human… Read More
26th April 2021
Standard Chartered failed adequately to check whether assets owned by some of its Indonesian clients were linked to crime or tax evasion, Guernsey’s financial regulator said yesterday. The Guernsey Financial Services Commission said that it had found “serious” breaches of financial rules. Standard Chartered, based in London, was created by… Read More
12th April 2021
It’s after sunset in Jaffna when Anthony Vigrado dives into the waters of Palk Bay, scanning the seafloor to collect what seems to be prized treasure. What he comes back with are sea cucumbers – long, leathery-skinned creatures that are increasingly valuable and the source of his income for the… Read More
16th March 2021
Imagine for a moment the world of organized crime in Southeast Asia, and you may picture meth labs, human-trafficking rings, or the billion-dollar trade in endangered species. But lately law enforcement has noticed the oddest of goods circulating in the underworld: plastic junk such as bottles, candy wrappers and… Read More
20th January 2021
By Sadie Brown, OCCRP, 19 January 2021 OCCRP — An Indonesia-based global cigarette paper supplier agreed to pay nearly US$2.6 million in fines for conspiracy to commit bank fraud and violating U.S. sanctions on North Korea, according to official statements. PT Bukit Muria Jaya (BMJ) admitted to… Read More
8th January 2021
Indonesia’s anti-money laundering agency has temporarily frozen bank accounts belonging to the recently outlawed Islam Defenders Front (FPI) and its affiliated groups on suspicion of money laundering. Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (PPATK) public affairs unit head Natsir Kongah said on Tuesday (Jan 6) that the move was in… Read More
16th December 2020
Indonesia will need to step out of the shadows of neighboring Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal to convince investors that its new wealth fund won’t fall prey to corruption. Nusantara Investment Authority will take lessons from other sovereign wealth funds and adopt a framework based on independence, transparency and accountability, said Isa… Read More
1st December 2020
Indonesia’s Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo faces up to life in jail after being arrested by the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission over lobster larvae export permits. The Anti-Corruption Commission, known by its Indonesian acronym KPK, arrested Mr Prabowo and his wife Iis Rosita Dewi as they arrived at Jakarta airport from the… Read More
26th November 2020
Anti-graft officials arrested Indonesia’s minister for maritime affairs and fisheries, Edhy Prabowo, early on Wednesday, an agency spokesman said, without giving a reason for the detention. The minister was among several people held and could be detained and questioned for up to 24 hours, added Ali Fikri of the Corruption… Read More