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Notorious wildlife market, largest in Peruvian Amazon, back in business after pandemic hiatus

At booths lining the walkways, sloth paws are stored in jars next to dried herbs, and yellow-footed turtle meat lies alongside chicken breasts. A leopard skin drapes above a stall, like a rug drying on a laundry rack. Handicrafts sit atop tables in rows, as do bottles of pink dolphin… Read More

Yacu Kallpa: Illegal Timber and Impunity in Peru

By Maria Fernanda Ramirez, InSight Crime, 12 October 2021 InSight Crime — Six years after investigators in Peru took down a massive timber trafficking operation that shipped millions of dollars’ worth of illegal hardwood, more than 90 people have been indicted and a US importer has been… Read More

Peru kicks off corruption case against Keiko Fujimori

Corruption proceedings against Peruvian opposition politician Keiko Fujimori kicked off with a preliminary court hearing on Tuesday, just weeks after she conceded defeat in her third unsuccessful presidential run. Fujimori lost the June 6 runoff against leftist Pedro Castillo with 49.87 percent of the vote to his… Read More
6th August 2021
By Cecilia Anesi, Margherita Bettoni and Giulio Rubino, OCCRP, 5 August 2021 OCCRP — In his younger years, the Italian drug trafficker Giuseppe Romeo, known as “Maluferru,” was fascinated with Mexican narcos. In particular, police sources familiar with the trafficker say, he admired Los Zetas, the hyper-violent cartel… Read More
24th June 2021
The owner of a transportation company that hauls gold around the country has been charged in a massive money-laundering case extending from Latin America to South Florida that is still shaking up the precious-metals industry four years after the initial indictment was filed in Miami. Jesus Gabriel Rodriguez Jr., CEO… Read More
22nd June 2021
A Peruvian judge on Monday declined a prosecutor’s request to return presidential election candidate Keiko Fujimori to remand prison for allegedly failing to comply with her bail conditions over charges of money laundering and corruption she faces. Fujimori, the eldest daughter of the imprisoned former president Alberto Fujimori, is facing… Read More
1st April 2021
One of the conservative front-runners in Peru’s presidential election denied press reports that he allegedly owes millions in back taxes and is under investigation for money laundering, hours before he was scheduled to appear in an election debate. Rafael Lopez Aliaga, a hotelier and businessman who… Read More
12th March 2021
A Peruvian prosecutor on Thursday charged presidential hopeful Keiko Fujimori with money laundering following a two-year investigation, potentially complicating her candidacy in the home stretch ahead of the April 11 election. Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez told reporters Fujimori’s alleged crimes merited a jail sentence of 30 years. He also requested… Read More
1st March 2021
By Max Radwin, InSight Crime, 27 February 2021 InSight Crime — An investigation has identified Mexico as a major contributor to a global seahorse trafficking network centered around China but this trade is also affecting other Latin American nations. The report, published in February by Mongabay… Read More
27th November 2020
Peruvian politician Humberto Acuña was convicted of bribery committed while he was governor of a northern Peruvian state from 2011 to 2018, and still faces several other charges, including abuse of authority and criminal conspiracy. Still, the burly 54-year-old engineer is a powerful congressman for the Alliance for Progress Party,… Read More
19th November 2020
Francisco Sagasti is an experienced political strategist, consultant to the United Nations, the author of 25 books and an industrial engineer who once worked at the World Bank. And he’s a man who isn’t easily ruffled, perhaps because he was one of the hostages taken by Peru’s MRTA guerrillas… Read More