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Dominican former law minister arrested on suspicion of diverting funds

Dominican authorities arrested a former attorney general on Tuesday over accusations of diverting public funds to a political group that backed the Dominican Liberation Party, (DLP) during his term that ran until August. Jean Alain Rodriguez becomes the Caribbean nation’s first former attorney general to be prosecuted. His arrest is… Read More

Earthly Delights: Religious Groups and Money Laundering in Dominican Republic

By Katya Bleszynka, Insight Crime, 10 May 2021 InSight Crime — Millions of dollars in state funds were allegedly laundered through a religious non-profit in the Dominican Republic, showing how minimal oversight of these faith groups makes them ideal vehicles for embezzlement. On May 10, security… Read More

Chinese money-laundering rings in Chicago, New York cleaning Mexican drug cartel cash

A Chinese money-launderer was about to pick up Mexican drug-cartel cash in Chicago, federal authorities say, when his plans suddenly changed. They say the suspected launderer got a call from a man he thought was a Mexican money courier who told him they needed to change their meeting place because… Read More