30th December 2020
In June, the United States imposed sanctions on half a dozen oil tankers managed by established shipping firms. It was a major escalation of American attempts to choke off Venezuela’s oil trade. Within weeks, a little-known company based in the United Arab Emirates took over management of several tankers that… Read More
30th December 2020
Like a lot of businesses, the Sinaloa Cartel was knocked back on its heels as the coronavirus swept the globe and travel ground to a near halt. Government measures to contain the virus had fouled up its operations, interrupting the supply of chemicals for manufacturing synthetic drugs like fentanyl and… Read More
16th December 2020
By Cecilia Anesi and Giulio Rubino, OCCRP, 15 December 2020 OCCRP–Police agencies have long known that Mexican drug cartels help supply Europe’s nearly US$10 billion annual cocaine habit, but acknowledge they have little idea about the workings of these highly organized and well-financed operations. But now,… Read More
10th December 2020
The FATF (Financial Action Task Force), in collaboration with Egmont Group, has released a new report to help the public and private sector with the challenges of detecting trade-based money laundering (TBML). “International trade networks can attract criminals and terrorists financiers who exploit the interconnected supply chains to launder the… Read More
9th December 2020
By Audrey Travère, Forbidden Stories, 8 December 2020 Forbidden Stories—Willem-Jan Joachems recalls May 10, 2019 perfectly. “This is where it all happened. Exactly in this spot.” For the journalist, it was the scoop of a lifetime. “The ship was laying there, while they were collecting evidence, and… Read More
9th December 2020
Fish and other sea creatures are far from the only victims of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU), Interpol found after a decade of focusing on the crime around the world. “Money laundering, labour exploitation, corruption and forgery are a small sample of serious crimes commonly committed during IUU fishing… Read More
8th December 2020
On October 6, news of a $50 million dollar investment to build a port in the Laotian town of Ban Mom led the business section of the Vientiane Times, a prominent state-run newspaper. In the second paragraph, readers were told that a man named Zhao Wei participated in a groundbreaking… Read More
2nd December 2020
The United States accused China on Tuesday of “flagrant violation” of its obligation to enforce international sanctions on North Korea and offered rewards of up to $5 million for information about sanctions evasions. Deputy Assistant Secretary for North Korea Alex Wong accused China of seeking to undo a United Nations… Read More
25th November 2020
Former footballers Darren Debono and Jeffrey Chetcuti have spent the night in prison after police carried out a nationwide anti-smuggling sting operation. Law enforcement sources confirmed that a number of raids were carried out between Monday and the early hours of Tuesday morning targeting Debono and a number of his… Read More
23rd November 2020
By Katie Jones, InSight Crime, 20 November 2020 InSight Crime — A recent string of high-profile interceptions targeting international drug trafficking operations have confirmed Guyana remains a crucial transit point for cocaine headed to the United States and across the Atlantic. InSight Crime looks at Guyana’s decisive role as a… Read More