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US Charges British Art Restorer for Role in Antiquities Trafficking Ring

By David Klein, OCCRP, 22 July 2021 OCCRP — A British national was extradited to the United States on Tuesday and charged for his role in the decades-long smuggling operation of Subhash Kapoor, a New York art dealer who specialized in looted antiquities from Central and… Read More

Portuguese millionaire art collector detained in tax fraud probe

Portuguese art collector Joe Berardo, who was once one of the country’s richest men and showcased major works by Miró and Mondrian in his own museum, was detained by the police on Tuesday in an investigation of money laundering and fraud. Berardo has been under scrutiny by authorities for years,… Read More

Where Did Marcos Hide His $10 Billion Fortune?

Senator Paul Laxalt was in a classified briefing about political chaos in the Philippines when an assistant interrupted: He had an urgent phone call from Manila. On the other end of the line was Ferdinand Marcos, the country’s president. Marcos wanted to know if it was true that Ronald Reagan… Read More
21st June 2021
The federal agents who raided a drug dealer’s house in a suburb of Philadelphia found marijuana and, to their surprise, $2.5 million in cash stashed in a secret compartment beneath a fish tank. But they were even more surprised to discover so much art — 14 paintings on the walls… Read More
1st June 2021
By Nina dos Santos, CNN, 30 May 2021 CNN — It is the biggest legal fight the art world has ever witnessed: a Russian oligarch, who claims he was ripped off buying multi-million-dollar masterpieces, versus a Swiss art dealer who says it was just business. Now, after six… Read More
28th May 2021
Artists will not be subject to the UK’s new anti-money laundering regulations when they come into full force on 10 June, the UK Treasury has confirmed today. It had previously been unclear whether artists selling their works directly to collectors would be classified as Art Market Participants (AMPs)… Read More
18th May 2021
In March, the government published its review of all the threats facing this country, and how it would respond to them, from hostile autocracies and cybercrime to terrorism and trade. Running through the pages of this huge and complex document, like lead… Read More
10th May 2021
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain-based title deeds tied to digital or physical items, have exploded into the art world like an upstart rebel fresh out of art school, tearing up conventions and leaving the establishment bewildered. In recent months, multi-million dollar sales of NFTs at venerable auction houses Christie’s… Read More
5th May 2021
Laundering dirty money through luxury purchases made in cash has become a tad harder since cash transactions of €10,000 and higher were made illegal last March. The cash restriction was introduced as part of wide-ranging reforms to combat money laundering. And now the Financial Intelligence and Analysis Unit has set the… Read More
4th May 2021
By Graham Stack, OCCRP, 3 May 2021 OCCRP — In the early 2010s, Petro Poroshenko — a billionaire who had just served a stint as Ukraine’s foreign minister, and would later be elected president — built a palatial estate for himself outside Kyiv. He just needed furnishings… Read More
27th April 2021
A feud has erupted within an aristocratic family over allegations that a senior Spanish politician failed to declare a Goya masterpiece so that its sale for millions of euros would avoid tax and official restrictions. Íñigo Ramírez de Haro, a diplomat and playwright, has lodged a corruption case against his… Read More
16th April 2021
Tax evasion using cryptocurrencies is “replicating” with nonfungible tokens and other new crypto-related products, according to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig. In testimony before the Senate Finance Committee, Rettig said Tuesday the U.S. fails to collect as much as $1 trillion in taxes owed each year in part due to… Read More
14th April 2021
Last month much of the traditional art world had not heard of Mike Winkelmann. Then the digital artist sold a piece that only exists online for £50 million at a Christie’s auction. Beeple, as he is professionally known, is now the third most expensive living artist in terms of auction… Read More