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Iran wants nuclear talks that lead to lifting of U.S. sanctions, president says

Iran wants to resume nuclear talks with world powers that would lead to removal of U.S. sanctions, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi told the annual U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday as negotiations about reinstating a 2015 nuclear pact have stalled. “The Islamic Republic considers the useful talks whose ultimate outcome is… Read More

Biden Signs Executive Order Authorizing Ethiopia Sanctions

U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order authorizing sanctions against those prolonging conflict in northern Ethiopia, adding pressure on parties to end the civil war. The Department of Treasury can now go after several targets, including those in the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments as well as in the Tigray… Read More

Vessel identity laundering: an emerging threat to maritime trade

Criminals are fraudulently obtaining vessel registration numbers to evade sanctions on maritime trade, researchers say, warning that illicit export operations are becoming “significantly more sophisticated”. C4ADS, a non-profit organisation focused on transnational security issues, says it has identified multiple cases where the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has been deceived into… Read More
13th September 2021
The powerful chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is set to unveil a bill to levy new U.S. sanctions on oil and gas, some of Myanmar’s most important industries, and prod the State Department to determine whether Myanmar’s crimes against the Rohingya minority constitute a genocide. Democratic Rep. Gregory… Read More
12th September 2021
Smugglers suspected of evading sanctions on North Korea have turned to schemes to create fraudulent identities for sanctioned ships, a U.S.-based research group said in a report released on Thursday. Ships suspected of smuggling have long modified their physical appearance or broadcast false position data, said the report from C4ADS,… Read More
10th September 2021
Britain’s financial regulators said on Thursday that trade finance firms must do more to identify potentially suspicious activities by undertaking additional risk assessments. During the past 18 months there have been several high-profile failures of commodity and trade finance firms with significant losses, the Bank of England and Financial Conduct… Read More
10th September 2021
The UK Foreign Office is to hold urgent meetings with banks, financial institutions and NGOs to clarify how to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan without breaching US or UN counterterror sanctions. The takeover of the country by the Taliban, which is internationally designated as a terrorist organisation, presents a… Read More
9th September 2021
The Taliban accused the U.S. of violating last year’s peace deal signed in Doha, and called on the Biden administration to immediately lift sanctions against senior members of the Taliban’s new cabinet. Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is on the FBI’s most wanted list for terrorism, and his family are “part of… Read More
8th September 2021
The Taliban drew from its inner high echelons to fill top posts in Afghanistan’s new government on Tuesday, including an associate of the Islamist militant group’s founder as premier and a wanted man on a U.S. terrorism list as interior minister. World powers have told the Taliban the key to… Read More
8th September 2021
There are optimistic suggestions that the hard-won integration of Afghanistan into the global economy will remain despite the ascendancy of the Taliban and the withdrawal of the U.S. A number of commentators have suggested that China — which the Taliban have declared their strongest ally — could… Read More
8th September 2021
By Seth Robbins, InSight Crime, 7 September 2021 Insight Crime — A court in Cabo Verde has approved the extradition to the United States of Colombian businessman Álex Saab, who may hold key information on alleged money laundering schemes involving Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and other top… Read More
7th September 2021
China’s meetings in July with Taliban leaders who now look set to rule in Afghanistan generated speculation that Chinese investment and influence would flow into the country after the departure of the US and its allies. However, if China – as Afghanistan’s wealthiest and most powerful neighbour –… Read More
6th September 2021
The United States has sanctioned four Iranian intelligence operatives behind a failed plot to kidnap a U.S. journalist and human rights activist, the U.S. Treasury Department said on Friday. The sanctions come after U.S. prosecutors in July charged the four with plotting to kidnap the New York-based journalist who was… Read More