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Smugglers fake ship identities to evade North Korea sanctions – research report

Smugglers suspected of evading sanctions on North Korea have turned to schemes to create fraudulent identities for sanctioned ships, a U.S.-based research group said in a report released on Thursday. Ships suspected of smuggling have long modified their physical appearance or broadcast false position data, said the report from C4ADS,… Read More

Seven arrested in UK operation to bust Albanian people smuggling network

Seven people have been arrested in an operation that police think may have “significantly disrupted” a people smuggling network which moved hundreds of Albanian migrants to the UK illegally. The National Crime Agency (NCA) said the network’s alleged ringleader was among those who were detained in a series of raids… Read More

French, Moldovan Police Arrest Gang that Defrauded the French Budget

By Zdravko Ljubas, OCCRP, 08 July 2021  OCCRP – The French Gendarmerie and the Moldovan Border Police arrested nine people suspected of being members of an organized crime group involved in a scheme to defraud the French budget of 2 million euro (US$2.36 million), Europol said… Read More
7th June 2021
In what federal prosecutors call a “brazen fraud,” a 52-year-old Lake Worth Beach-area private equity manager is accused of persuading a bank to loan him $95 million by forging documents, including the names of top business and university endowment officials. Elliot Smerling, who operates JES Global Capital and has sprawling… Read More
21st May 2021
AP — The president of the International Volleyball Federation is being investigated in his native Brazil as part of a wider fraud probe launched on Thursday. Rio de Janeiro police and state prosecutors said in a statement that Ary Graça, who has headed FIVB since 2012, and… Read More
6th April 2021
A sophisticated human trafficking network dismantled in Colombia, illustrates a pattern in how Venezuelan citizens, particularly women, are recruited. On March 27, Colombian authorities managed to arrest and indict members of an organized criminal group (Grupo de Delincuencia Organizado – GDO) known as “Los PEP,” who… Read More
8th March 2021
Sophisticated British criminals exploited vulnerabilities in Australia’s search engine and cryptocurrency infrastructure to dupe small investors, lured by the promise of high-yield funds badged by some of the finance world’s most trusted brands. The complex scheme involved stolen identities and fraudulent prospectuses that claimed to represent high-yield investment funds run… Read More
4th March 2021
Florida private equity manager Elliot Smerling has overseen a growing empire of private equity funds reportedly worth more than $1.8 billion and lived a lavish lifestyle, with homes in Florida, New York and Brazil as well as a collection of luxury cars including a Ferrari, a Corvette and a Cadillac… Read More
1st March 2021
A Russian hacker stole the identities of 22 of 75 living U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, using their pilfered personal data to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of Apple products and luxury watches from American military exchanges, according to a Secret Service search… Read More
3rd February 2021
The U.S. Treasury Department on Tuesday issued an advisory alerting financial institutions to coronavirus-linked insurance and healthcare frauds targeting public and private providers. The advisory by the department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) warned that criminals are adapting fraud schemes to exploit the pandemic, including by ordering or submitting claims… Read More
3rd February 2021
A criminal gang is colluding with Bangladesh’s security forces to extract bribes for state contracts and job positions, all the while maintaining powerful links with the country’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, an Al Jazeera investigation has found. All the Prime Minister’s Men reveals how Haris and… Read More
3rd February 2021
A private detective scammed hundreds of investors in a cryptocurrency fraud, then faked his own disappearance to make off with millions that he blew on jewelry, home improvements, and a Porsche, a newly unsealed criminal complaint alleges. John DeMarr was arrested Monday morning by the FBI… Read More
21st January 2021
Ten domestic helpers and a Hong Kong resident have been arrested for receiving payment in return for opening bank accounts that were used to collect and launder millions in swindled cash. Dozens of bank accounts were involved in the scheme and the funds were thought to have been tied to… Read More