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Facebook has known it has a human trafficking problem for years – it still hasn’t fully fixed it

Facebook has for years struggled to crack down on content related to what it calls domestic servitude: “a form of trafficking of people for the purpose of working inside private homes through the use of force, fraud, coercion or deception,” according to internal Facebook documents reviewed by… Read More

How Mexico’s Cartels Use Video Games to Recruit Children

By Cartel De Jalisco, InSight Crime, 15 October 2021 InSight Crime — Mexican criminal groups have hit on a new way to recruit vulnerable young people into their ranks: reaching out to them while they play video games. On October 11, authorities in the southern state of… Read More

Human Trafficking is World’s No 1 Criminal Economy

By David Klein, OCCRP, 6 October 2021 OCCRP — People are the most traded commodity in the world of organized crime, but whatever the criminals choose to make profit from, in most cases they have the blessing of state actors, a Swiss-based civil-society organization said in its… Read More
28th September 2021
Human trafficking is now one of the biggest concerns for compliance professionals across the globe, according to the latest annual anti-money laundering study from BAE Systems: The State of Anti-Money Laundering 2021. According to the latest data, over three quarters (77 per cent) of compliance professionals admit they are not confident… Read More
2nd September 2021
The gardai have uncovered a network of human traffickers involved in smuggling migrants from the Balkans into Britain via Ireland to fill low-paid jobs in the black economy. The operation is being led by the Garda National Bureau of Immigration (GNIB) in conjunction with Britain’s Border Force. Read More
5th August 2021
Crown Perth approved credit for both international and Australian gamblers, despite it being illegal in Western Australia, the Perth Casino Royal Commission has heard. And notorious brothel owner Simon Pan, who has also been investigated for human trafficking, was banned from Crown Melbourne in August 2019, yet was allowed to… Read More
3rd August 2021
Transactional clues — from hotel bills paid in cash to purchases of escort-service ads — are helping Canada’s financial intelligence agency detect human trafficking in the sex trade. The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada is now learning from its sleuthing efforts in recent years to make pinpointing… Read More
2nd August 2021
Police have more than 50 investigations in progress into smuggling gangs responsible for ferrying thousands of migrants across the Channel. The number of investigations is a fifth higher than last year following a near tripling in crossings, forcing the National Crime Agency (NCA) to intensify intelligence gathering. Police say that… Read More
29th July 2021
By Emily Tan, OCCRP, 28th July 2021 OCCRP — An Interpol operation involving 47 countries worldwide rounded up 286 people suspected of being members of human trafficking and migrant smuggling criminal groups and rescued 430 victims, according to a statement released on Monday. Police… Read More
26th July 2021
Three of the kingpins in operations to smuggle thousands of asylum seekers across the Channel in small boats are living and working freely in the UK and have evaded detection by the Home Office and law enforcement agencies, migrants interviewed by the Guardian have claimed. Asylum seekers interviewed by… Read More
23rd July 2021
The US government has signalled extra scrutiny banks over supply chains that include forced labour in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. An updated business advisory published by several US government departments on July 13 dedicates much greater attention to the role of banks and other financial institutions compared to the… Read More
13th July 2021
A man has been arrested and charged on suspicion of being a leader of an international people-smuggling network. Gul Wali Jabarkhel, a 32-year-old Afghan national who has been found to have been in the UK illegally, was arrested in Colindale, north London, by National Crime Agency officers on Thursday evening. Read More
12th July 2021
Catalan police have rescued 10 people who had been trafficked by a Chinese mafia and forced to cultivate the drug The footage from Operation Long lasts just three minutes. The worst parts of the video show mattresses pushed against each other on the floor, cooking pots scattered on tables, bottles… Read More