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Facebook has known it has a human trafficking problem for years – it still hasn’t fully fixed it

Facebook has for years struggled to crack down on content related to what it calls domestic servitude: “a form of trafficking of people for the purpose of working inside private homes through the use of force, fraud, coercion or deception,” according to internal Facebook documents reviewed by… Read More

Desperate Afghan parents are selling their kids to pay off debt as poverty levels deepen following Taliban takeover: report

Some desperate Afghan parents are forced to sell their children to deal with poverty, the Wall Street Journal reported. A house cleaner in western Afghanistan named Saleha, for example, sold her 3-year-old daughter to a man to whom she owed a $550 debt. Saleha, 40, receives 70 cents a day… Read More

Afghan Smuggling Network Dismantled in Romania

By Henry Pope, OCCRP, 7 October 2021 OCCRP — Europol announced on Wednesday that, in cooperation with German authorities, Romanian police arrested 21 suspected members of a transnational network that smuggled Afghan migrants to Germany and France. Police made the arrests as they… Read More
1st October 2021
Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi managed to convene a virtual summit of the world’s Group of 20 leading nations to discuss Afghanistan, but just who will take part and what will be achieved is still to be determined. The Oct. 12 forum will focus on the war-torn country that has… Read More
21st September 2021
By Henry Pope, OCCRP, 19 September 2021 OCCRP — The International Criminal Court (ICC) green-lit an investigation Wednesday into how the Philippine government waged its ‘war on drugs’ between 2011 and 2019. President Rodrigo Duterte has spearheaded a hardline approach in dealing with people who use… Read More
16th September 2021
Five years ago, the textile giant Welspun found itself mired in a scandal that hinged on a single word: “Egyptian”. At the time, Welspun was manufacturing more than 45m metres of cotton sheets every year – enough to tie a ribbon around the Earth and still have fabric left over… Read More
13th September 2021
The powerful chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is set to unveil a bill to levy new U.S. sanctions on oil and gas, some of Myanmar’s most important industries, and prod the State Department to determine whether Myanmar’s crimes against the Rohingya minority constitute a genocide. Democratic Rep. Gregory… Read More
8th September 2021
The Taliban drew from its inner high echelons to fill top posts in Afghanistan’s new government on Tuesday, including an associate of the Islamist militant group’s founder as premier and a wanted man on a U.S. terrorism list as interior minister. World powers have told the Taliban the key to… Read More
8th September 2021
The ruling by the Court of Cassation marks a major setback for Lafarge, which is accused of paying nearly 13 million euros ($15.3 million) to jihadist groups including the Islamic State (IS) to keep its cement factory in northern Syria running through the early years of… Read More
3rd September 2021
The United Kingdom has announced new Myanmar sanctions, saying it was targeting a key business associate of the military government for providing arms and financial support following a coup earlier this year. The UK’s foreign ministry said it would impose an asset freeze on conglomerate Htoo Group of Companies and… Read More
26th August 2021
The United States Department of the Treasury on Monday sanctioned an Eritrean official it accused of engaging in serious human rights abuses committed during the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. The Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is blacklisting General Filipos Woldeyohannes, the chief of staff of the… Read More
25th August 2021
In the near future, the Biden administration will reveal a much-needed review of the United States’ broader sanctions policy. A comprehensive review is long overdue, not least because certain sanctions policies in places like North Korea and Iran have been in place for decades. And sanctions regimes have only expanded… Read More
23rd August 2021
Beijing is likely to draft a more refined and targeted anti-sanctions law for Hong Kong that could list exemptions for selected multinational corporations instead of adopting the blunt approach of just imposing its own powerful legislation, analysts have said. Explaining the central government’s surprising decision on Friday to… Read More