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U.S. Charges 138 Medical Workers for US$1.4 Billion Fraud

By Damiir Beslija, OCCRP, 23 September 2021 OCCRP — The Department of Justice last week announced criminal charges against 138 doctors, nurses and licenced medical professionals for their alleged involvement in fraud schemes worth around US$1.4 billion. Authorities accused 43… Read More

Government-coordinated action needed as fraud losses rise by 30 per cent

UK Finance today releases its latest fraud report covering the first half of 2021. This report shows the scale of fraud taking place as well as demonstrating how criminals have shifted their focus to exploit weaknesses outside the banking system. Changing nature of fraud In previous years the largest… Read More

Trump CFO’s lawyer says he suspects more charges in NY tax case

A lawyer for former Alan Weisselberg, the indicted Trump Organization chief financial officer, told a New York judge on Monday he has “strong reason to believe” more charges will be forthcoming in the state’s continuing criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s private real estate empire. Lawyer Bryan Scarlatos… Read More
21st September 2021
More than 100 people have been arrested in Spain and Italy following a joint investigation into money laundering. The sting targeted an Italian mafia gang on the Spanish island of Tenerife, who are accused of laundering more than €10 million. The group is alleged to have made its money through… Read More
20th September 2021
AP — A Rogersville man was sentenced Friday to five years in federal prison for running a boat building scheme that defrauded customers out of more than $4 million. Michael Michael David Dismer, 53, was sentenced for tax evasion for failing to pay more than $768,000 in state and… Read More
19th September 2021
Four ex-Volkswagen AG managers stood trial in Germany accused of fraud for their part in the diesel-rigging scandal that cost the company billions and tarnished its reputation. The trial — starting six years after the scandal broke — is the first criminal case to target executives at VW’s German… Read More
16th September 2021
Five years ago, the textile giant Welspun found itself mired in a scandal that hinged on a single word: “Egyptian”. At the time, Welspun was manufacturing more than 45m metres of cotton sheets every year – enough to tie a ribbon around the Earth and still have fabric left over… Read More
15th September 2021
By Zdravko Ljubas, OCCRP, 14 September 2021 OCCRP — Several European nations’ law enforcement agencies collaborated last week to disrupt the operations of a criminal gang perpetrating large-scale investment fraud, costing 55 million euro (US$64.96 million) in damages to a “significant number” of victims across Europe. An unknown number… Read More
14th September 2021
Documents show British American Tobacco (BAT) was involved in negotiations to pay between $300,000 and $500,000 to Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party in 2013. The documents also reveal BAT was paying bribes in South Africa and using illegal surveillance to damage rivals. BAT says it is committed to the highest standards of… Read More
14th September 2021
By Henry Pope, OCCRP, 13 September 2021 OCCRP — A Nigerian national living in Oklahoma was sentenced on Friday for operating a money laundering network that defrauded its victims, including several elderly Americans, of at least US$2.5 million. Afeez Adebara, 36, orchestrated a Nigerian-based romance scam… Read More
13th September 2021
By Martin Laine, OCCRP, 9 September 2021 OCCRP — In October 2020, Maxim Karpenko, an independent Russian mobile game developer, was sitting on a train about to go on vacation when a friend messaged him with troubling news. Stavrio Ltd., a little-known company in the U.K., had… Read More
13th September 2021
A high-flying lawyer swindled the Commonwealth and a top international legal firm out of more than £600,000 in a series of frauds. Joshua Brien, 48, established himself during 12 years at the Commonwealth Secretariat as an expert on the laws of the sea, offering advice around the… Read More
12th September 2021
Smugglers suspected of evading sanctions on North Korea have turned to schemes to create fraudulent identities for sanctioned ships, a U.S.-based research group said in a report released on Thursday. Ships suspected of smuggling have long modified their physical appearance or broadcast false position data, said the report from C4ADS,… Read More