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Biden Signs Executive Order Authorizing Ethiopia Sanctions

U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order authorizing sanctions against those prolonging conflict in northern Ethiopia, adding pressure on parties to end the civil war. The Department of Treasury can now go after several targets, including those in the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments as well as in the Tigray… Read More

SpineFrontier execs arrested, charged with kickback scheme

Two executives of Massachusetts spinal implant company SpineFrontier Inc were arrested Tuesday on charges of bribing surgeons to use their products by paying them sham consulting fees, federal prosecutors announced. SpineFrontier founder and chief executive officer Kingsley Chin, 57, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and chief financial officer Aditya Humad, 36,… Read More

A playboy, a femme fatal spy and a powerful cardinal: Vatican’s biggest corruption trial begins

A playboy, a femme fatal spy and a powerful Italian cardinal are preparing to stand trial in the Vatican’s biggest corruption probe that has changed the way the Holy See conducts criminal justice. Cardinal Angelo Becciu, 73, once one of Pope Francis’ closest confidants, is accused of syphoning off at… Read More
12th July 2021
More than 30 people are facing fines and prosecution in South Korea for allegedly contravening the country’s ban on overseas crypto transactions. An interagency investigation into suspected crypto fraud and money laundering in South Korea has led to the discovery of 1.69 trillion won (about $1.48 billion) in illegal overseas… Read More
11th July 2021
By Chris Dalby, InSight Crime, 7 July 2021 InSight Crime – It began on December 6, 2018. It had been just 91 days since Jair Bolsonaro, a polarizing veteran of Rio de Janeiro’s brutal political wars, had been stabbed in the belly during a presidential campaign stop. Read More
11th July 2021
By Zdravko Ljubas, OCCRP, 08 July 2021  OCCRP – The French Gendarmerie and the Moldovan Border Police arrested nine people suspected of being members of an organized crime group involved in a scheme to defraud the French budget of 2 million euro (US$2.36 million), Europol said… Read More
7th July 2021
Lithuania will send the military to reinforce its border with Belarus, which has illegally sent immigrants into the Baltic country in protest at European Union sanctions against it. The move will double the physical presence on the 670-kilometer (416-mile) frontier and assist border guards, Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said Wednesday. Read More
6th May 2021
InSight Crime — As sex trafficking has soared in Venezuela, seemingly legitimate modeling agencies are repeatedly being linked to cases of human trafficking, often sending women abroad. The most recent case came in late April when the Sambil modeling agency in Venezuela was raided by authorities and… Read More
26th April 2021
AP — A former Venezuelan attorney general who defied President Nicolas Maduro by siding with his opponents has been implicated in a major corruption case involving a Venezuelan businessman who this week pleaded guilty to paying $1 million in bribes, two people familiar with the case said… Read More
11th April 2021
French aerospace major Dassault Aviation on Thursday rejected fresh allegations of corruption in the Rafale fighter jet deal with India, saying no violations were reported in the frame of the contract, days after French online journal Mediapart alleged that the jet manufacturer had paid nearly one million Euros to an… Read More
12th February 2021
By Zdravko Ljubas, OCCRP, 10 February 2021 OCCRP — Transparency International revealed on Tuesday that nearly three quarters of the world’s largest defence companies show minimum or no commitment to tackling corruption, wasting this way huge amounts of the nearly US$2 trillion of public money spent… Read More
11th February 2021
By James Bargent, InSight Crime, 9 February 2021 InSight Crime – Operation ‘Tiburón Galloway’ began as a local investigation by prosecutors in the Italian region of Calabria in 2001, but quickly snowballed into a multinational, multiagency investigation. Over five years, prosecutors uncovered a vast cocaine trafficking and… Read More
11th February 2021
By Dragana Pećo (OCCRP/KRIK) andVesna Radojević (KRIK), 9 February 2021 OCCRP — The shadow of Stanko Subotić has long stalked Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić. Allegations of links between the businessman with ties to organized crime and the country’s top politician have often been levelled, but never… Read More