By Robert Mazur, former U.S. Federal Agent and author of “The Infiltrator” I’ve had the privilege of working with journalists from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), BuzzFeed News and many other media outlets during the past decade. When approached a few months ago to analyze leaked Suspicious Activity… Read More
If financial institutions consider the global trade of physical commodities as a higher-risk product, that’s not without reason. The complexities that arise from the involvement of multiple jurisdictions and various stakeholders throughout several stages of a global trade transaction can be exploited by organised criminal networks to launder money, evade taxes,… Read More
Even if the pace at which regulations are drafted seems to be slowing down, at least at the EU-level, regulations in general are still trending toward bullish proliferation. In the financial-crime field alone, around 1,300 binding pieces of legislation have been brought to light in the span of 20 years… Read More
After much speculation about its post-Brexit role in the fight against financial crime, the United Kingdom took the surprising step in early July of becoming something of a sanctions hawk—at least on paper, that is. In its first divergence from EU sanctions since leaving the bloc in January, the UK… Read More
Banking high-risk clients can can be challenging for the compliance departments of financial institutions under normal circumstances. Banking wealthy, and notorious, sex offenders can be not only difficult, but costly too. Such was the basic lesson Deutsche Bank (DB) learned earlier this month, after the New York State Department of… Read More
By the time Dartanyon Williams was 15-years-old, he was already an identity thief. At 19, he had begun to recruit accomplices twice his age to help build a criminal enterprise that ultimately netted him $3.1 million before his eventual arrest. What had begun as rudimentary payment card fraud using his father’s… Read More
When the rest of England emerged from its Coronavirus-related lockdown on 4th July 2020, one city that remained locked down was Leicester and it was the only one to do so.  The city was said to be experiencing an unexpectedly higher number of infections, purportedly originating from workers in… Read More
On July 8th, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced a settlement agreement with, Inc (“Amazon”) for a large number of violations across a wide spectrum of OFAC’s sanctions programs (the agreement published by OFAC lists 14 sets of regulations and Executive Orders). While the total amount… Read More
Growth in cryptocurrency adoption in recent years has attracted public interest, investment opportunities and regulatory attention. While cryptocurrency-related headlines are now commonplace, cryptocurrency mining remains an obscure topic to most. Anti-financial crime professionals familiarizing themselves with cryptocurrency risks should be certain to focus on what may appear to be a… Read More
With all of the terrible economic news that has followed the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to miss the fact that at least one line of work is welcoming new job seekers: money laundering. As the FBI noted earlier this month, organized crime groups are increasingly turning to so-called “money… Read More