While whistleblowers are often regarded as heroes for putting their livelihoods and sometimes their lives on the line, for far too long their actions have received little support. Many countries have introduced legislation designed to encourage and protect whistleblowers, but the US has recently passed a law that is… Read More
Sportswashing is the act of sponsoring a team or sporting event in order to redirect attention away from unethical conduct. It’s a tactic that is used by governments with poor human rights records and businesses with bad public images in order to exploit people’s love of sport to wash… Read More
In this new whitepaper, Robert Mazur lays out his strategy for new enhanced due diligence to combat money laundering. His aim is to find leaders in the law enforcement, regulatory, and banking sector that would be willing to participate on a committee that would assess his proposal, craft it into a regulation, and offer it to legislators for enactment. Read More
In this blog Robert Mazur sets out his reasons for publishing a whitepaper that explores why it is now crucial to identify the individual or individuals that are responsible for concealing and disguising the true ownership or source of funds. Read More
Following the purchase of Credit Suisse by UBS resulting in a bank twice the size of Switzerland’s economy, concerns about a wider banking crisis seem to be abating although central bankers remain on high alert. Turbulence continues in the Gambling sector with news that William Hill has received the largest… Read More
Following the troubles at Credit Suisse and the failure of two smaller US banks, many of the world’s central banks have been taking action to boost confidence in the banking sector. The fact that the monetary authorities have acted so swiftly shows that there is some concern that it… Read More
Following the disastrous collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and New York’s Signature Bank, investors are scrambling to work out if any others face equally major problems. In the aftermath, shares in Credit Suisse plunged by over 24% as its biggest shareholder refused to put in any more cash, leading… Read More
2023 is set to be a crucial year for ESG, with governments across the world implementing new initiatives. Yet many businesses continue to make exaggerated or outright dishonest claims about their environment-friendly credentials in order to gain favour with customers, shareholders, and investors. Which is why… Read More
This week we lead by reporting on the Financial Action Task Force Plenary which took place on 22-24 February and concluded FATF Week. Most notable, was the suspension of the membership of the Russian Federation from the global watchdog due to its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Delegates… Read More
Today is not only the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it also marks an unprecedented international sanctions regime imposed on Russia by a coalition of Western nations. The impact of the resultant sanctions has been mixed, with Russia able to adjust its economy because of huge oil… Read More
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