MONEYVAL Refers Bosnia & Herzegovina To FATF
17 Sep 2015

At the recent 47th Plenary of MONEYVAL it was decided that the overall progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina in addressing its AML/CFT deficiencies under the Compliance Enhancing Procedures remained insufficient. MONEYVAL considered that although amendments to the country’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Law had been made, other necessary amendments to its Criminal Code had still not been adopted.

A press release and public statement were released by MONEYVAL which can be found here and here. In the public statement, MONEYVAL continued to call on “States and territories evaluated by MONEYVAL and other countries to advise their financial institutions to pay special attention by applying enhanced due diligence measures to transactions with persons and financial institutions from or in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to address the money laundering and financing of terrorism risks”.

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