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AML Roundup: Federated ML to help combat money laundering – European banking consumers relying on physical channels – Brentford striker sparks gambling debate – More on Money Laundering, Fraud, Corruption, Bribery – Legislation, Reports, Analyses, Opinions – Gaming and Gambling – Sanctions – Crypto Virtual Assets

It’s been a busy week in the AML world. We start with a thought-provoking piece on how federated machine learning and AI could be an important, privacy-safe way of helping combat money laundering. We have an interesting article on how European consumers still value physical channels for conducting… Read More

AML Roundup: Money laundering regulations harming humanitarian groups – Progress on digital currencies – KYC for online gambling – Money Laundering, Fraud, Corruption, & Bribery – Legislation, Reports, Analyses, & Opinions – Gaming and Gambling – Sanctions – Crypto & Virtual Assets

The importance of anti-money laundering regulation to ensure confidence in the financial sector is well understood. However, there are occasions where they can make the provision of vital humanitarian services more difficult especially in certain countries. When banks ‘de-risk’ it can impact the vulnerable. The UK and EU continue to… Read More

AML Roundup: Crypto Regulation EU First – UK ditches plans to let 500 EU finance laws expire – Money Laundering, Fraud, Corruption, & Bribery – Legislation, Reports, Analyses, & Opinions – Gaming and Gambling – Sanctions – Crypto & Virtual Assets

Having struggled with the best way to regulate Crypto and other virtual assets, governments are beginning to bring regulatory rules to the industry. EU countries this week approved the world’s first set of comprehensive directions to regulate crypto assets (the MiCA regulations). No doubt it’ll be the first of many. Read More
The gaming & gambling sector is facing one of its biggest ever challenges as pressure mounts to improve its anti-money laundering capabilities and the safeguarding of players. Numerous scandals have shown that operators are highly vulnerable to criminal exploitation and have a very poor track record when it comes to… Read More
Two new studies have revealed that ESG is fast gaining traction as consumers increasingly focus on sustainability performance when making purchasing and employment decisions. The study by IBM found that the widely held belief that ESG harms profitability is a myth and revealed that over 70% of executives… Read More
In the US, the crypto regulatory war has escalated with Coinbase taking the SEC to court to force it to respond to the plea the company made last year for formal rule making on digital assets, even threatening to relocate to Bermuda if the regulatory rules aren’t clarified. Meanwhile,… Read More
While whistleblowers are often regarded as heroes for putting their livelihoods and sometimes their lives on the line, for far too long their actions have received little support. Many countries have introduced legislation designed to encourage and protect whistleblowers, but the US has recently passed a law that is… Read More
Sportswashing is the act of sponsoring a team or sporting event in order to redirect attention away from unethical conduct. It’s a tactic that is used by governments with poor human rights records and businesses with bad public images in order to exploit people’s love of sport to wash… Read More
In this new whitepaper, Robert Mazur lays out his strategy for new enhanced due diligence to combat money laundering. His aim is to find leaders in the law enforcement, regulatory, and banking sector that would be willing to participate on a committee that would assess his proposal, craft it into a regulation, and offer it to legislators for enactment. Read More
In this blog Robert Mazur sets out his reasons for publishing a whitepaper that explores why it is now crucial to identify the individual or individuals that are responsible for concealing and disguising the true ownership or source of funds. Read More
Following the purchase of Credit Suisse by UBS resulting in a bank twice the size of Switzerland’s economy, concerns about a wider banking crisis seem to be abating although central bankers remain on high alert. Turbulence continues in the Gambling sector with news that William Hill has received the largest… Read More
Following the troubles at Credit Suisse and the failure of two smaller US banks, many of the world’s central banks have been taking action to boost confidence in the banking sector. The fact that the monetary authorities have acted so swiftly shows that there is some concern that it… Read More
Following the disastrous collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and New York’s Signature Bank, investors are scrambling to work out if any others face equally major problems. In the aftermath, shares in Credit Suisse plunged by over 24% as its biggest shareholder refused to put in any more cash, leading… Read More