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Philippines: BIR to probe into tax compliance of 250 social media ‘influencers’

The taxman will investigate 250 high-earning social media “influencers” to check whether they have been paying their taxes, as the… Read More

Interpol Aids Police Targeting Illicit Gambling, 1,400 Arrested

By Henry Pope, OCCRP, 15 September 2021 OCCRP — In a blow to organized crime groups profiting off of illegal gambling networks, Interpol aided police raids across Asia and Europe, which seized US$7.9 million in cash and arrested approximately 1,400 suspects, the organization reported on Tuesday. Read More

Anti-laundering unit goes off-grid, fraying Afghan ties to global finance

A unit in Afghanistan’s central bank leading a 15-year effort to counter illicit funding flows has halted operations, four staff members said, threatening to hasten the country’s slide out of the global financial system. Since 2006, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Afghanistan (FinTRACA) has gathered intelligence on… Read More